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Browband Colour Guide

Blacks- Black pretty much goes with everything. Top choices for blacks are, Red, Purple, Blue, Silver/Grey, the Red/White and Blues, Rainbow, Whites/Cream, Pink, Green, Yellow/Oranges. As you can see it is a big list to choose from but what we recommend, when choosing one of the many colours, is to go for a bright version of any of the above, if its pink you want, go for hot pink as opposed to a baby or pale pink. Probably the only colour you could avoid is Black itself as sometimes this can get lost and this is no way to make a statement. If your horse has white on its face try to avoid white in the Browband as it can vanish into the horses natural markings but if the horses head is all black, white does make an impact. So remember to go bright, something like a Patriarch or an Addison

Chestnuts- When dealing with Chestnuts, we recommend going for a Green, focusing mostly on the Hunter or Bottle variety as these really stand out on the chestnuts. If Green is not your thing then you want to stay with a dark colour that is paired with a cream. So have a look at a Maroon or Navy or Dark Purple. Try something like a Dartmouth or a Helen

Bay Now with a Bay you can have anything you would like. All colours and combinations look great on bays. Keep in mind though as with any colour of horse, if your horse has natural white markings on its face, epically loud markings, like a big bold blaze or a baldy face, try to steer away from a primarily white Browbands as they can get lost in the white behind them.

Grey Now as with any colour of horse there can be so many variations of this particular colour that you have to think of what style of grey you have. If you have the more white grey then any bright colour is going to suit best, go for a popping red or brilliant blue. This may go without saying but if your horse is primarily white, we recommend avoiding anything that has a large amount of white on the Browband as you will lose the affect of the Browband. If your grey has some darker features like dappling or is on the steel side of the scale go for a darker colour, Black looks lovely on dapple greys. Dark Green and Blues look nice or something like a deep red. Darker Greys have a look at the Ivy League Collection and the more Whiter Greys try something like Aurora or Prusian

Palomino/Buckskin/Dilutes The best colour for these horses is anything that is Cream, Brown or Gold. These colours really accentuate your horses natural beauty. Any of these colours can be partnered with small amounts of red, navy and all pastel colours. Have a look at an Anna or something like a Hot Chocolate

Appy Appys are a little bit harder to work with as they can be any version of the colours mentioned, so the best thing to do is to have a read of what the other colours say and base your choice on that. If your horse is a bay and white appy, check out the bay section and make your choice based on those options, and so on and so forth for any colour parings.

Paints- Once again, like the appys, the colour choice really depends on what version of paint you have. So have a look in the other colour suggestions to see what would suit your horse the best. Do you have a black and white? If yes check out the black section and see what you think, and so on and so forth for any colour combination.

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