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Join the VIP Club

Bejeweled Browbands & Show Accessories V.I.P Club

The Bejeweled Browbands VIP club has now changed to benefit our loyal customers even more!
Discounts are applied directly to your account based on your total spend of a 12 month Period.

VIP Levels include:
Over $500 total spend: 10% Off ALL Products
Over $750 total spend: 12.5% Off ALL Products
Over $1000 total spend: 15% Off ALL Products
Over $1250 total spend: 17.5% Off ALL Products
Over $1500 total spend: 20% Off ALL Products

What this means for you?
Now discounts are made easy and you dont need to be computer savvy or have us on facebook to receive the rewards for being a loyal customer.

At the end of every month we go through the Customer order list and increase or decrease the total VIP discount on your account, based on the total spend over the 12months. These are calculated monthly, so that you receive a fair discount over the 12 months unlike most stores where after 12 months you have to start from scratch again.

Please Note- Only orders placed through our website qualify for VIP Discount

If you have any concerns about your VIP discount please contact us at: or the "Contact us" page.