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Conditions of Use

Refunds / Policies

All Bejeweled Browbands and Bejeweled Canes are guaranteed against defective or faulty workmanship. This does not include misuse or normal wear and tear. Show Browbands are sold as a 'show piece' and unless stated are not made for daily usage.

We recommend Browbands are removed from bridles after use and placed in a secure Browband cover, these are available from us at a mere $20.00 in a wide range of colours. Remember to store your Browband flat to ensure no kinks occur, also in a cool dry area.

Browbands should not be left on horses unattended, horses love to itch especially when sweaty and Browbands will not withstand rough treatment.Bejeweled Browbands takes no responsibility for rhinestones in the chain, on the flags and on the rosettes becoming dislodged or falling out as these chains are delicate and cannot withstand to rough treatment, a simple piece of clothing getting snagged can sometimes be enough to disrupt a diamante. Chain is top quality crystal and not produced in our warehouse, if you contact us at we can usually post out replacement rhinestones to suite your Browband.

Browbands are not made to withstand large amounts of water/heavy rain, we test all our Browband styles with water however in large downpours some colours do bleed onto lighter areas. Where possible keep the Browband dry. Browbands may be scotchguarded HOWEVER, test first for colourfastness, as well- Light colours such as white and cream may become translucent.

If you believe the product is defective please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your Browband / Cane. Products must be sent back to us within 14 days in the same condition as they were received.

If the Browband or Cane is found to be faulty, the shipping and handling costs are not refundable, depending on the circumstances the Browband / Cane / Rug will be fixed or a replacement posted out at no extra cost.

Bejeweled Browbands does not accept returns and no credits or refunds will be given for the incorrect choice of SIZE or COLOURS. If you are unsure of a colour please contact us and we will forward colour swatches to you.

All browbands are made in standard Goldset rhinestone, unless specified otherwise before production commences.

Please measure your current Browband to ensure the correct size is ordered, Browband sizes vary between Browband designers, our standard sizing is-

Minature: 12 inches
Small pony: 12.5 inches
Pony: 13inches
Large Pony: 13.5inches
Cob: 14inches
Large Cob: 14.5inches
Full: 15inches
Large Full: 15.5inches
Warmblood 16+ inches
We will custom make the Browband to your size in Cm or inches, if you horse is inbetween sizes that is no issue, we will have one made exact.

Production does not commence until Browband/Cane/Rug is paid for in full, once production commences we do not accept cancellations. If you email us at we can check the status of your items and confirm whether they will be cancelled. Cancellations may incur a $20 non refundable fee, due to special orders of chain / ribbon not already instock.

All our items are posted express by Australia post, this allows us to have a tracking number as well as lessening the chances of the products being damaged in transit. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged products in the post once the items have left they are no longer our responsibility, Postal Insurance is available contact us for a postage quote.


Show Canes are sold as a 'show piece' and unless stated are not made for daily usage. Leather wrapped canes and Equirough style canes are solid quality shafts, these suit a perfectly straight and uniformly smooth cane, two widths are available the smaller width (3/4inch) will be given unless stated in the order details.

Bejeweled Browbands takes no responsibility for rhinestones in handles and toppers becoming dislodged or snagged on items of clothing. Chain is top quality crystal and not produced in our warehouse, if you contact us at we can usually post out replacement rhinestones to suite your cane.

Glass toppers are not covered by our warrantee, they are delicate and purely decorational, do not leave your cane resting upsidedown on a hard surface or topper may be dislodged or become loose. When canes are not in useing a cane cover is recommended as well as storage in a cool dry area, as leather will become moldy in moist areas .