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About Us

Welcome to Bejeweled Browbands, we were established in 2010 and have grown from a boredom buster into an idea, and further into a successful business. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable Browband and show accessory retailer around, whilst providing you with unbeatable top quality products. Every day we try to better the work that we did the day before to keep you, our loyal customer, happy and more than satisfied with the products that you receive off us.

We have a great team working for us and they love what they are doing, whether it is making the custom orders that you request or be it designing new and improved stuff to fill your need to make a splash at your next event. We come with a long history of horse knowledge and artistic background, in this business this is a great marriage as it allows us to combine the practicality needed when dealing with horses and a love of designing, creating and artistic expression. We are always open to your suggestions and look forward to taking on any design challenge that you can throw at us, plus unlike most other suppliers we do not charge a design fee.

We love all the products we design and we hope you do too, so have a browse through what we have to offer and see if there is something there that catches your eye, and remember if there isn't something there that is exactly what you want, let us know and we will be able to whip it up for you in no time at all.

The payment methods that we accept are Paypal, Bank deposit, Cheque/Money Order and Credit Card. When ordering any of our products, you can use any of these methods to complete a successful purchase.

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